The Realization

        When Rishabh was travelling by Delhi Metro, something struck on his mind which made him think for a while. Now what made him think, that’s the question.

        Rishabh was in need of a job and somehow he got the job of a receptionist in a law firm. But on the very first day of his joining, he felt he was not cut out for the job. Now, he started thinking hard about what to tell his parents. The mere thinking of his parents made him to worry. Worrying was natural for him as he had to be reasonable and ready to answer his parents. His parents were expecting a lot from him regarding this job. This made him worry more. But deep within himself, he was sure of somehow convincing his parents. We know how parents are. They are the people who are concerned about their children no matter how old they become.

        While he was returning back home, he found a young lad along with a handicapped person who turned out to be his father and they sat behind Rishabh in the metro train. The young lad says, “Dad, what do you think, should I go for this job or should I let it go?” The young lad’s father said, “I look physically challenged but I can say I am active despite all odds. I am ready and open for any kind of job.” It is from these words that the young lad derived inspiration from. Rishabh thought about his dad for a while which ran parallel with the situation. His father is an inspirational figure for him who could almost do anything despite the fact that his dad was growing old.

        Still, Rishabh was not able to take a firm stand as to what he should do. At one point of time, there were his parents who had a lot of expectations from him and on the other hand, he thought he should quit for he is cut out for somethin else. But Rishabh was unaware of another circumstance which was heading towards him and can make him to take a decision.

        While on his way back home, he sees a beggar somehow feeding his children and one of his children assures him to get a job as soon as possible so that the beggar does not have to beg for alms the next time. This picture had an effect on Rishabh. He thought within himself that it is not wise for him to quit the job as he can learn while on the job. Later, he reaches home but with a resolved mind of continuing the job instead of calling it quits. Sometimes small incidents around us make us think and make us decide. That is what signifies circumstances. That is what signifies situations…


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