The Unusual Sight

      Once there were five young boys – Rishabh, Vibhor, Saket, Arvind and Keshav. Arvind was a bit different from them. Its not because of the fact that he was blind but because he had the quality to observe. His observation was something exceptional in him. The rest of them were normal youngsters full of life. Arvind never felt bored or out of place with them.

      Arvind was a good orator. Saket was the guy who understood Arving properly. Saket also would answer Arvind back whenever Arvind would like to know something. Well, atleast Saket was good at telling Arvind exactly whatever happened around Arvind.

      One day, Rishabh and Vibhor had a good fight with one another. The entire scenario was explained fantastically by Saket but it was something which did not amuse Arvind but made him think hard. Saket asked Arvind,”Hey buddy, what is worrying you?” Arvind replies,”I don’t understand why both of them argue and fight with each other. I don’t find anything amusing in it. Afterall, we all are friends. Both of them are egoistic. Neither of them want to listen to each other. Its disgusting to say. This quality of maturity made Arvind stand out and be different. Perhaps, one sees some youngsters being immatured at a young age. So, that is what made Arvind a bit different in their group.

         Arvind, sometimes, was humorous. He was a cheerful lad. There was not a moment when he would come out with his wise cracks. A day came when even he had a scuffle with Keshav. It is a rare sight to see Arving having an argument with someone. But they had a heated argument one day. Well, that was a rare sight an unusual sight. Keshav is a silent guy who never used to talk much. Arvind was poking fun at him and he was going on making fun of him. It seemed there was no stop for Arvind that day. Arvind was later slapped by Keshav.Now, that was an unusual sight. The situation was heated up. Arving became silent and Keshav started yelling at him. 

      Two months passed by, Arvind and Keshav did not talk with each other. For the first few days, it seemed fine and everyone in their group thought they will patch up. But it didn’t happen. No talks took place between them. Things became much worser. Both of them became egoistic. The rest three of them thought of making them talk with each other but everything went in vain. Saket however made Arvind talk with Keshav. It was a hell lot of a try from Saket’s side. If it wouldn’t have been Saket, it seemed there would not have been a patch up between them.

       As usual, Saket explained about their friendship to Arvind. Friends do fight and quarrel a lot. But after some time, everything comes back to normal. Everything came back to normal, Arvind realises that it was not just Keshav’s fault, even he was at fault. The realisation overcame Arvind and Keshav and they became buddies again.

      Saket couldn’t explain of the unusual sight he had seen between Arvind and Keshav. It was an unusual sight for Saket and an unusual feeling for Arvind. The unusual sight and feeling of friends patching up after a fight is what friendship keeps on ticking.


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