The Mind as A Traveller

            Sometimes, even when I sit down to write a blog, I find myself unable to concentrate and focus. I do ask myself as to why it happens to me. That is when I get a reply about my mind which is similar to a traveller. My mind as the traveller.

             The mind of a person is not what you have read, seen or heard about. It is something exceptional and different. It is somewhat similar to light and multi-dimensional. I was never interested in reading before and even now, but when it comes to reading life entirely, it turns out interesting to me. I remember when I was an under-graduate, I was asked a question by a boy -“What is the most fastest substance in the world?”. Before I could answer him, he quickly answered it was the mind of a person. The mind is like a traveller. It covers a lot of distance in a lifetime.

               When I was a kid and I was told to study by my parents, I could not concentrate. My mind used to travel. I don’t want to sound as a jerk but it is a fact. It had happened with me a number of times when I was a kid. Even at present, when I think of writing a blog, my mind starts travelling in different directions. A direction towards the horizon of the world and life. With a gradual passage of time, I realised that my mind roams and travels the world unlike any other thing in the world. This is where I can say that it is a far more better traveller than me. It really sounds weird when I say that but that is a truth of my life. The mind is not just a traveller but a wonderful companion and a traveller. It is something which is similar to a bosom pal for me. Even when I sit down on a chair, it does not stay idle. It starts to travel with no hurdles on the way. I do feel sometimes, if only the life of a person could be like the mind. But life has hurdles on the way. I really feel contented when I think about the mind which knows how to travel.


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