A Silent Leader (Part 2)

               Akshat found Rajiv an interesting and a promising guy. Rajiv is a silent guy who never used to talk much. This quality of Rajiv made Akshat feel very irritating at times but matured on the other side. One cannot see maturity in a high school; it is something which comes out gradually with the passage of time

        Rajiv joined the group which was preparing for the Annual Drama Competition. One fine day, Rajiv was going back home after school when he saw Gautam and his gang of pals busy eve teasing a girl of Juvenile High School. Rajiv went straight to them and told them to stop eve teasing. Gautam was surprised to see someone who has the guts to stop him and his gang. Gautam thinks carefully and hard,”Who is this chap? All these days, I thought it is Akshat who could face me but this chap is a surprise?” He must be from Juvenile High School. Gautam asked Rajiv to mind his business to which Rajiv did not even reply and he went off after helping the girl. Gautam and his gang did not have the guts to face Rajiv.

         This incident spread all over Don Bosco School and their arch rivals, Juvenile High School and Rajiv had his share of limelight. This even reached the ears of Akshat and he thought for a while about Rajiv. Robin tells Akshat,”I think we got our leader and that too… a silent guy. So we have a silent leader. What do you think Akshat?” Akshat looked at Robin with a smile but did not reply. Robin could see hope springing in Akshat’s eyes.

        The next morning, Akshat tells the entire Juvenile High School drama team about Rajiv and his plans to talk with the principal to make Rajiv the leader of the drama team. Many of his teammates start yelling at him. One of them, Keshav, an outspoken guy, tells Akshat,” Do you really mean it? …Okay fine, Rajiv Chaudhary right…he was the hero that day when he courageously saved one of the girls of our school. Well, a hell lot of a drama took place that day. But that does not mean that you will talk about him to the principal. I don’t understand as to why don’t you become the leader?” There was silence for some time.

       Rajiv became a member of his school’s drama team and was even made the leader. He hesitated to be the leader of the team but after a long session of talks with Akshat and Robin, Rajiv accepted to be the leader.

       As far as the Annual Drama Competition was concerned, Juvenile High School lost to Don Bosco School, but their hope did not lose. Juvenile High School gave a good competition to their arch rivals. On one side was a team led by a haughty and show off guy, while on the other side was a promising guy, the so called Silent Leader. With the gradual passage of time, Rajiv won the hearts of his school drama team and even his school. His journey of winning hearts started to begin…     


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